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DW 551 Rock drilling jumbo

DW 551 Rock drilling jumbo

  This type of rock drilling equipment is independently researched, developed and manufactured to apply to the work in underground mining and tunnel for highway and railway. It can be used to drill blasting hole, anchoring rod hole, advance grouting hole or work with pipe frame in various areas of mining, hydro-power, railway, highway, etc.


Technical characteristics


1. The design of entire hydraulic system can make the work much safe and stable.

2. A protective operation room with solid ceiling is equipped to guarantee the safety of the operator.

3. The whole machine can rotate 360 degree in two-dimension to drill without blind angle.

4. It can adapt to various bad landform due to its max working height above sea level of 4000 meters and the temperature of -20 ~ 45 ℃.

5. The energy is provided by a combined system of diesel and electric motors to produce high efficiency.

6. The device of automatic anti-locked drilling rod can improve the mechanism to save cost.

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Performance parameter


I.?Whole machine:?

1.?Dimension (L*W*H): 12700*2140*2480/3180 mm

2.?Applicable section: 10 m * 7.5 m

3.?Section area: 55 m2

4.?Hole diameter: 38-102 mm

5.?Drilling rod length: 3700 / 4305 mm

6.?Hole depth: 3275 / 3880 mm

7.?Drilling speed: 0.8-2 m/min

8.?Electric motor power: 55 kw

9.?Tank volume: 250 L

10.?Gross weight: 16500 kg

II.?Drilling arm (Single):?

1.?Rock drilling power head: YHD 210

2.?Rotating angle: Positive 180 degree and negative 180 degree

3.?Swinging angle of arm: left 40 degree and right 40 degree

4.?Compensatory distance of moving: 1500 mm

5.?Moving distance of main arm: 1500 mm

6.?Swinging angle of sliding track: 90 degree

III.?Air supply?for lubrication:?

1.?Rate of flow: 0.25 m3/min

2.?Pressure:?0.2-0.8 Mpa

3.?Electric motor power: 2.2 kw

IV.?Water supply:?

1.?Rate of flow: 60 L/min

2.?Pressure: 0.2-0.8 Mpa

3.?Electric motor power: 3.5 kw

V.?Electrical equipment:?

1.?Battery: 2 ×?12 V

2.?Driving lighting: 24 V

3.?Working lighting: 220 V


1.?Max diesel power: 74 kw / 2200 rpm

2.?Cornering: +40 and -40 degree

3.?Tyre: 12.0 ×?R20

4.?Grade ability: ≤15 degree

5.?Swinging angle of rear axle:?+7 degree and -7 degree

6.?Approach and departure angle: 17 degree / 14 degree

7.?Cornering radius: inside 3.3 meter and outside 6.95 meter

8.?Driving speed: 12 km/h

9.?Ground clearance: 275 mm

10.?Braking mode: Chassis caliper for dry bridge

11.?Fuel tank: 60 L

Construction cases


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