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  This drilling rig is widely used on construction, highway, railway, hydro-power station, coal mine, tunnel and military engineering. With the nice capability of efficiency and stability, it can drill quickly various complicated layers of stratum, such as gravel, clay or severe air-slaked rock. Thus, this type of machine is suitable for kinds of anchoring engineering.


Technical characteristics


1.?The drilling technique could be DTH drilling, casing drilling or directly dig-in anchoring drilling.

2.?It adopts adjustable telescopic boom that can make the horizontal height reach 4.5 meters?and the vertical height be 6.8 meters.

3.?The mast can rotate to work from 0-360 degree and the big boom can wave from side to side to work in different angle.

4.?The distance of the power head could reach 3 meters and the drilling rods of 1-3 meters could be selected.

5.?The dust?collecting?device could be chosen to reduce the dust to make a better working environment.

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Performance parameter


1.?Motor power: 30 kw

2.?Diesel power: 37 kw

3.?Double- power/Diesel for moving and motor for drilling: 30 kw for motor and 37 kw for diesel

4.?Air consumption: 9-22 m3/min

5.?Hole diameter: 90-200 mm

6.?Hole depth: 20-60 meters

7.?Matching percussive unit: CIR, DHD

8.?Breaking method: percussion and rotation

9.?Drilling rod specification: 76*1500/2000/3000 mm, 89*1500/2000/3000 mm

10.?Drilling angle: 0-360?degree

11.?The mast returning angle: 360 degree

12.?Rotating speed of the power head: 50 rpm

13.?Max torque of the power head: 4000 N.m

14.?Max distance of the power head: 3000 mm

15.?The compensatory distance: 1000 mm

16.?Max pulling force: 20 KN

17.?Max feeding force: 20 KN

18.?Grade ability: ≤?25 degree

19.?Ground pressure: 0.04 Mpa

20.?Shipment dimension (L*W*H): 5500*2000*2500 mm

21.?Gross weight: 5000 kg

Construction cases


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